thank for posting my selfie on ur blog, literally thank you, i am really happy abt this
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Good evening internet!!! Lms if u find the potential that I may kill myself mixed with the fact that I want to die  kind of funny!!!!
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hi it ya girl bug and im looking for a really angry boy to be bae and we will watch zero day together a lot and shoot at stuff in the woods 


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Anonymous asked: Para

P: Perth - Bon iver
A: Angels - the xx
R: r u mine? - arctic monkeys
A: a&e - inga copeland

phallusifer9 asked: Rae.

R: Radicals - Tyler the creator A: antivist - bring me the horizon E: empire (let them sing) - bring me the horizon

suff0cated-d asked: janeth

J: January wedding - the avett brothers
A: ADHD - Kendrick Lamar
N: nine is god - wavves
E: evil - interpol
T: tell me - smilez & southstar
H: hell of a night - schoolboy q

Wrote this on my dream baes car

feralcattery asked: amy

A: assmilk - earl sweatshirt and Tyler the creator
M: mix tape - brand new
Y: Yonkers - Tyler the creator

insect-jpg asked: E-R-I-S please and thank

E: empire (let them sing) - bring me the horizon
R: the resistance - drake
I: i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie
S: steamroller - odd future

these-0ceans asked: Becca :/

Hi love u
B: between love and hate - the strokes
E: eat that up, its good for you - two door cinema club
C: club paradise - drake
C: crooked teeth - death cab for cutie
A: angels - a$ap rocky

Anonymous asked: nicholas

Im low key in lve w a firefighter named Nicholas
N: no church in the wild - kanye west
I: im in it - kanye west
C: chaining day - j cole
H: hey - pixies
O: online songs - blink 182
L: land of the snakes - jcole
A: ain’t no thang - outkast
S: shadow Moses - bring me the horizon